Local interests, not national political dogma

Why vote Residents’ Association?


  • Residents’ Association Councillors serve the interests of the local community, not those of national political parties.
  • They work as a team to provide a comprehensive cover for the ward’s residents.
  • They live in the ward and are readily accessible to deal with residents’ concerns – through regular Association open meetings, phone and email .
  • RA Councillors are among the hardest working on the Council and in the wards – they get things done!
  • Since 2019, a Residents-led Administration has delivered excellent results for the benefit of Elmbridge local communities.

Our priorities:


Planning: Support sustainable development with the necessary infrastructure, and resist inappropriate development.
Green Belt and open spaces: Continue to protect our Green Belt and other open spaces, and encourage their use for recreation.
Resident wellbeing: Support the elderly and vulnerable members or our communities, and promote opportunities for young people to reach their full potential.
Amenities: Promote and maintain our thriving communities by protecting and enhancing local shops and other amenities.



Please use your vote on 2nd May 2024 to elect your Residents' candidate

Gill Coates

for a strong local voice on behalf of our community.



Download our election manifesto here


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