Gill Coates

Gill moved to Weston Green in 2000, shortly after Tannia Shipley was first elected as a Residents’ Association councillor. In that time she has witnessed the tremendous work Tannia and our other Residents’ Association councillors have done, so feels very privileged to be asked to represent the Residents’ Associations of Hinchley Wood and Weston Green in the forthcoming election.

She believes that what sets Residents’ Association supporters apart is the conviction that local matters are best decided by local people. They are not swayed by national agendas or party politics. Residents’ Association councillors are
independent and free to let common sense prevail and that is one of the reasons why the residents-led Elmbridge
Council has been so nimble and effective in its response to the pandemic.

As a Weston Green resident, Gill has been a commuter, a mum, a dog owner, a carer and a volunteer. She is a trustee of Citizens Advice and has personally delivered nearly 1500 Meals on Wheels to vulnerable people during the pandemic. So
she has experienced first-hand the commitment of Thames Ditton/Weston Green and Hinchley Wood Residents’
Associations to improving local services, protecting our green spaces and preserving the special character of
Weston Green and Hinchley Wood, and wants to continue that good work. She likes to get things done, but also listens.

If you agree that local government is better in the hands of local people, we hope you will give her your support on
6th May.


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