Tannia Shipley

Tannia is honoured to have been a Weston Green Councillor since 1999, and was Mayor of Elmbridge in 2016/17.


She has served on most Elmbridge Council Committees including the Environmental, Community Affairs and Licensing committees, but her biggest commitment is Planning. She has sat on the main Planning Committee, and on the East-Area Planning Committee for the last 13 years.  This is one of the busiest committees. It considers planning applications in Hinchley Wood and Weston Green amongst others, so she is very familiar with both areas.  Planning is vitally important as the pressure from development is so great.



Tannia is keen to support the vulnerable in our community and has served on the Elmbridge Older People’s Advisory Body for many years, including spells as Vice Chair and Chair. She is one of Elmbridge Borough Council’s representatives on the board of CHEER – Concern and Help for East Elmbridge Retired.  CHEER is an excellent local, small charity which helps the elderly and provides a befriending service which is so appreciated by those who are socially isolated. She is also a Trustee of both Elmbridge Trust for Older People and Walsingham Care - another local charity that helps the vulnerable, often elderly members of our community.


She is keen on the Arts and has been a Trustee of the R C Sherriff Trust since 2000 and its Chairman for many years. This Trust was set up for the advancement of the Arts in the Borough of Elmbridge and has provided approx. £60,000 of arts funding for schools, churches, clubs and individuals to help with various projects.


She and her husband moved to Weston Green over 30 years ago with their two young daughters.  Her professional background was in education in a large comprehensive school in south west London.


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